The 5 great pillars on which the MindFit method is based are emotional, social, family, professional and physical.

MindFit is a digital platform that offers solutions for mental well-being, personal, professional and leadership development, focused on companies, organizations and people like you and me.

At MindFit, solutions are offered through personalized and group coaching, diagnostic tests, digital content, and clinical therapy.

A personalized coaching experience allows the maximum development of the talent of each work team, or person to improve their productivity and time management.

At MindFit they saw the need to help all the people affected by the effects of anxiety, stress, demotivation, low productivity or bewilderment in these times of change, with the idea of not only helping the person but their entire work and family environment, in order to feel more resilient, productive and empowered, both in personal life and at work.

“Your mental health is our priority at MindFit”

Mental health is a state of well-being in which the person strengthens their abilities and manages to cope with the normal stresses of life, to work productively and to contribute to their community or family members.

Emotional, psychic and social well-being, and it influences how a person thinks, feels, acts and reacts in times of difficulty. Science has shown that emotional well-being enables us to manage ourselves in daily life and see the world in a much more positive way, and allows us to be confident enough to face daily challenges, be healthier, take advantage of opportunities and enjoy life. life. That is the focus of MindFit



MindFit together with a group of experts has developed questionnaires and tests with scientific validity, which, through artificial intelligence, personalized reports for each person who performs them, where, depending on the needs detected, personalized mental well-being plans are offered. and personal and professional growth.

These plans include access to the MindFit Digital Library (videos, reports and other scientific digital content) as well as personal and group Coaching sessions.


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