MindFit is the new digital platform that offers solutions for mental health, personal, professional and leadership development, focused on companies, organizations and people. 

These solutions are offered through personalized and group coaching, diagnostic tests and scientifically designed digital content, as well as through clinical therapy. A personalized coaching experience allows the maximum development of the talent of each work team, improving their productivity and time management.

The great pillars on which the MindFit method is based are the emotional, social, family, professional and physical.

At MindFit they know that the first need is to help this affected population to overcome the effects of anxiety, stress, demotivation, lack of productivity or confusion in these times of change, and to help employees and their families to feel more resilient, productive and empowered, both in personal life and at work.

This group of experts explores the causes and effects of human well-being and happiness, promotes subjective well-being as part of the public and private policy debate, and seeks to improve the overall quality of life for citizens around the world.

Here are some of the latest research, presented and published by our experts: 

  • Purpose in Life During COVID-19 Confinement: Effect of Physical Activity and Meditation (Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism)
  • Actividad física y funciones cognitivas en personas mayores (Retos Journal: Nuevas Tendencias en Educación Física, Deportes y Recreación)
  • Positive and negative emotions: a didactic intervention in physical education (Latvian Academy of Sport Education in Riga, Latvia)
  • Psiconeuroinmunoendocrinología: el poder de la imaginación guiada con impacto en la recuperación física (IPSA Scientia)
  • Interpretation on the PIL test in Panama in the context of the Covid-19 effect of relaxation activities ((Latitude Research Journal)
  • COV-Health: Impact of confinement on the health status of university students (
  • IMC y condición física en escolares de 6 a 8 años de edad (Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir)
  • Del Ideático Boricua Contemporáneo: Desmitificando al Gamerdes de las Nuevas Realidades del Trabajo (Latitude: Multidisciplinary Research Journal)
  • Interpretación del test PIL en Panamá en el contexto de la pandemia del COVID-19: efecto de las actividades de relajación mental y meditación durante el confinamiento (Sociedad Interamericana de Psicología)
  • Physical Activity (PA) and cognition in Youth and Older Adults (VIII Congreso Internacional de Actividad Físico Deportiva para Mayores)
  • Acutte effect of self-myofacial release with the golf ball technique in the sit-and-reach score (Universidad de Málaga)
  • Influencia del control del estrés en el rendimiento deportivo: la autoconfianza, la ansiedad y la concentración en deportistas (Retos Journal: Nuevas Tendencias en Educación Física, Deportes y Recreación)
  • Utilización del tiempo libre, hábitos de alimentación y condición física de los escolares de doce años de edad, según variables sociodemográficas (Fuentes: Universidad de Sevilla)
  • La motivación y la atención-concentración en futbolistas (SPORT TK-Revista EuroAmericana de Ciencias del Deporte)


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